The bold vision of the GIANT BILLIARD DOME is to be the world’s first ever pool/billiard stadium complete with pool hall, pro pool academy, restaurant, nightclub & lounge… all with luxury amenities.  It will be both the world’s largest pool ball and embody the pool players’ and fans highest aspirations for the sport.

The GIANT BILLIARD DOME will be a sparkling accomplishment and iconic symbol of our internationally beloved pastime and sport of pool/billiards/snooker.

It is meant to become remarkable symbol of the sport and usher in a new era of growth and success for the industry world wide.

Creating this centerpiece for cue sports world wide resulted from the collaboration of one of the sports top professional American players with one of the worlds most accomplished dome designers.

The concept and design is based on the detailed technical drawings of American professional pool player & artist Max Eberle, and the genius designer who brought the concept to life from Max’s sketches with world class architectural design and computer modeling and rendering skills is top 100 American artist, Robert Bissett, of Dragon Speed Design Group.